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About Us

Marc Iannini. A waterman to his core Marc is the inventor, developer and energy behind Surfsling International

Marc has been connected to the ocean and an avid surfer for the past 40 years. He has literally traveled around the world to some of the most exotic surfing sports, surfboard in tow, looking for waves, walking long distance on beaches, carrying heavy boards, wet towels and sandy wetsuits while juggling keys, a cell phone and lunch. He knew there should be an easier way to carry everything a surfer needs.

When he earned Yachtmasters Certificate in 2000, he became curious about the mechanics sailing. He had a particular interest in sails and how they are designed. His interest led him to an apprenticeship with Elliot/Pattison Sailmakers in Newport Beach, California where he learned to cut, seam, hand work and sew sails. He learned about materials and hardware and was exposed to all types of something primitive, yet highly effective applications. It was during this time that his idea of having a towel carry surfboards evolved into Surfsling.

He wanted the Surfsling to be durable and functional, stylish and practical, and quality was of paramount importance. If these attributes could co-exit, than this ‘carrier’ could really work. He experimented, added pockets, pouches, D-rings, webbing and a shoulder strap and the Surfsling was ready for testing.

Surfsling  was designed off the beaten path, surfs spots to minimize accessories and maximize a single comment denominator. Being the beach towel, one always have a beach towel, why not make it a functional beach towel 

 The response to Surfsling has been more positive than anyone even imagined.