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Longboard sling

The Essential Accessory for every board rider, It’s a Hands-Free Carrier, Towel, Bag and changing cover.

Surfs-Sling  carries, shortboardlongboardboogieboard, skim board, and wake boards. It’s a fully-length terry/velour beach towel with a shoulder strap and is edged on two slides with Velcro for easy changing from water gear to dry clothes. It functions as a bag, beach towel, board carrier and changing cover-all in one!

Designed as a hands-free carrier for boards and gear, the surfing folds into itself and turns into a beach towel bag complete with a large pouch pocket-that will carry as much as backpack- plus a smaller water-resistant pocket. Unfolds Surfsling and use it as a towel and changing cover.

Surfsling….invented out of necessity by a surfer for surfers

10 Reasons why you need the Sling

Long Walks– Have everything you need by your side using our super comfortable shoulder strap

Your towel does it all! – The velcro on the Black Surfsling  holds for a secure changing device. 

Pouch Pocket- on the sling allows for Extra Storage (example: you don’t need a back pack)

Minimize gear= Maximize comfort 

Holds everything – Board, wetsuit, water, food, extra fins, suntan lotion, wax & a leash fit comfortably in the sling 

Surfsling is also a Bag! Take it  to your gym, yacht club, overnight bag or camping.

Surfsling holds your gear & you can use it to dry off after you shower.
Stores your gear! Put your dry gear in the pouch when you hit the water.

Surfsling is = Practical, core, comfortable & economical.

Why buy a beach towel when you can own a Surfsling?