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The advantages
of using the sling

  • Towel, Sling/Beach Bag all in one

  • 3 storage compartment

  • Hands free board carrier

    Convert Sling to Tote:

    surfboard sling

    1. Remove shoulder strap from sling D-rings 

    longboard carrying strap

    2. Open pouch pocket (see upper end). Grab bottom of pocket and pull up collapsing the towel into the pouch pocket 

    surfboard carry strap

    3. Zip and hook the strap to the inside tote D-Rings

    Converting Towel to Sling:

    Longboard carrier

     1. Align the towel with the shoulder strap 

    Custom longboard surfboard

    2. Fold towel in half. Loop B goes through loop A

    Surfboard carrier

    3. Attach the shoulder strap to Loop B. Place board into sling adjusting shoulder strap for comfort and balance.

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    “[The Surfs Sling] is a great product. I liked the comfortable shoulder pad”


    “The Sling feels great–sure will help save my arms and shoulders. You guys really handled this in a first class manner! Thanks.”

    Chet Lukaszewski

    “Just wanted to let you know I’ve already gone thru two of your excellent products, and can’t say for sure how many people I’ve turned them on to but it’s at least 10… I couldn’t live w/o it!:)”

    James Milne

    longboard carry strap

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